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The purpose of this internal reporting system is to detect any potential misconduct in Asahi Kasei group companies in Europe and to take timely countermeasures. Please make sure you understand the contents of “About this website” and “How it works” before reporting or consulting with us.

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First of all, please select the country in which your company is located.

About this website

What you can report

Actions in Asahi Kasei Group by an organization or individual that violate the law, the Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct, or internal rules such as the Rules of Employment, or actions that are believed to be in violation of them.
Please note that any reports made solely for personal gain or with the intent to defraud others are prohibited and could be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Rules of Employment.

Persons who can use this reporting channel

Any person who acquired information on violative activities in a work-related context

Legal protection

Confidentiality of your identity and the reporting contents are ensured (anonymous reporting is also possible) under applicable legislations such as the EU Whistleblower Directive and each local whistleblower protection law, and the (EU) General Data Protection Regulation in case of Personal data we may collect.

Conditions for protection by law

You will be entitled to legal protection as long as you are making a report in good faith and are not deliberately making a false report, and you have reasonable grounds at the time you make your report for believing that what you are reporting is true. Even if what you report later turns out to be incorrect, you will continue to be protected by the law.

Respondent of this reporting channel

Respondents who handle reports submitted to this reporting channel are the persons appointed and trained for this matter in Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH.

How it works

How this internal reporting channel works

This internal reporting channel is provided to detect in advance any potential misconduct in Asahi Kasei group companies in Europe and to take timely countermeasures. 
This reporting website is managed by D-Quest, Inc., a third-party organization. Reports are stored and managed on a server that is protected by advanced security and that is independent from Asahi Kasei. Unless the reporter voluntarily discloses information, no information that can identify him or her will be revealed to Asahi Kasei. You can also report anonymously.

Reporting flow

For making a report, please enter the following ID and password.

Common ID: AKhotline
Common Password: AK1922

Once your report is registered on the D-Quest server, a 13-digit Report Number will be issued.
The reporter and the respondent will communicate with each other on this reporting website using the Report Number, and the respondent will make answers such as the investigation results of the report to the reporter.

The languages available are English and Swedish.


Frequently Asked Questions


A.Many cases of corporate fraud have been detected through investigations that started as a result of a whistleblowing report. It is important for the Company’s efforts to ensure compliance in its business operations to nip fraud in the bud as early as possible. The internal reporting system plays an extremely important role in ensuring sound business operations, which are essential for employees and other workers to work safely and securely and for the Company to contribute to society. Please don’t hesitate to use the internal reporting system.

A.You can report a fraud anonymously or not, as you prefer. Unless a reporter explicitly agrees, his or her personal information will never be disclosed to the respondent.

A.Please refer to “What you can report” in “About this website.”

A.Please refer to “Respondent of this reporting channel” in “About this website.”

A.D-Quest, Inc. is a service provider specializing in whistleblowing, and supports whistleblowing systems from development to operation. It operates this reporting channel as a third-party organization under an outsourcing contract with the Company. Its business is operated independently from its corporate clients, and D-Quest operates its reporting website on its own server. D-Quest has obtained an international certification, JIS Q 27001:2014 (ISO/IEC 27001:2013), in the field of telecommunications, and reports are communicated securely and stored after being encrypted.

Reporting interaction

A.From the URL shown in the “Create New Report / Check Reply / Add Information” section on the Home page, you can submit a report, review the respondent’s reply, and send your reply to the respondent.

A.Please proceed to the reporting page by clicking on the URL shown in the “Create New Report / Check Reply / Add Information” section on the Home page. You will find the manual on that page for you to click on and read.

A.In the EU, reports will be reviewed by the respondent within 7 days. Subsequently, the respondent will promptly send a reply to the reporter. However, it may take more days depending on national holidays, New Year holidays, and summer vacation periods.

A.When making your new report, you can register an email address to receive emails notifying of the respondent’s reply. The email address will be irreversibly encrypted and will be unreadable by D-Quest and the respondent. Therefore, you can receive notification emails even when you make a report anonymously.

A.Please create a new report again if you forget your Report Number or PIN Code.

Post-reporting actions

A.After you receive a reply from the respondent, please review it and send a reply. If there is anything that you forgot to mention or any information that you want to add, you may add information without waiting for the reply from the respondent to arrive. For details, pleases refer to the manual.

A.The status of the investigation on your report will be included in the reply from the respondent. If you have a suggestion about the investigation method or other matters, please advise the respondent in your initial report or your reply to them.

Protection of reporters

A.Reporters are protected in compliance with EU Directive, local whistleblower protection laws, and Whistleblower Rules of Asahi Kasei Group. If you feel that you are being treated disadvantageously, you can report the matter separately to this channel or use other reporting channels to report it.


A.No person other than the reporter can obtain information about a report made by a reporter. Therefore, no one can know whether anyone has made a report on a matter involving himself or herself.

A.Although it is desirable if you can make a report on grounds that are as reliable as possible, you can report a fraud even if you do not have positive proof or evidence. As long as you make a report in good faith, you will not be subject to disciplinary action even if what you report turns out to be incorrect.

A.If your report contains something on laws and regulations of the EU or its Member States, you may report directly to the relevant authorities in those countries.